How It Works

Learn how our email marketing team makes it Ez to bring your message to life in a beautifully crafted email that will help you stand out in crowded inboxes.

Unlock Your Creative Powers

Step 1

You can request a new email campaign any moment inspiration strikes. Share the basic idea of the email you want, your goals, and specific images or words you want to use, and when you want it to send.

New Email Campaign

Step 2

Our team will get to work writing and designing emails that will help you reach your business goals. We’ll use your logo, colors, and other design guidelines to create professional email templates that match your business style.

Step 3

Our email marketing team will create a first draft for you to review and give feedback. Once approved, we will send the email on your behalf to your contact list on the day and time you specified. No additional work is required on your end.

Step 4

After an email campaign is sent, you will receive a detailed report on how the email performed. You’ll be able to see email marketing metrics such as who opened your email, who took action, and what action they took. These reports will help you understand your audience’s behaviors and preferences.

Manage Your Email Marketing All In One Place

Use your EZ to manage dashboard to:

  • View and give feedback on email drafts.
  • View and reorder past email campaigns.
  • Request new email campaigns.
  • Update your company logo, font, colors and branding for us to use in your emails.
  • Get suggestions and learning material on how to improve your email performance provided by the EzPz Emails team.

Take Your Email Marketing To The Next Level

Most people won’t open an email unless it has a subject line that grabs their attention. A well-written and beautiful email will leave a lasting impression, while a non-professional email may cause suspicion and concern. Trust the experts. We will improve the performance of your emails to drive greater engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty.